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recently, a pair of very rare Air Jordan 4 Sample, the shoes were made in 2006, the overall surface of the white litchi peel and gray suede show, from the cortex texture, in the material is very high quality.

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Behind the
marathon heat, people have an unabated enthusiasm for running. In recent years, running has become the most popular sport in the national fitness campaign. People fall in love with running, on the one hand because running not only helps improve the physical function, but also improves the benefits of brain, IQ, and willpower. On the other hand, the running threshold is low, and there is no need for a specific site, equipment, and sports clothes to go out of the house.

, in addition, many people fall in love with a run after running, and they enjoy the pleasure of running. Indeed, a number of studies have found that running can bring pleasure to people and help to get rid of negative emotions. During running, the brain secrete some neurochemicals, such as endorphin, dopamine, etc., which can help to eliminate fatigue and pain, make people happy, energetic and energetic, and become more active and willpower. Endorphins, known as "happy hormones", can help relieve pain and produce euphoria, and dopamine can transmit exuberant and cheerful information.

scientific running does not hurt the knee
has many advantages over running, it also makes many people fear that running will hurt their knees. It is thought that running will make knee suffer too much impact and even cause excessive use of knees.

actually, there are studies showing that running correctly, scientifically and properly does not hurt the knee, but is beneficial to the joint health. In a Swedish study, researchers selected a group of people with arthritis risk to run every day. By means of magnetic resonance imaging technology, we found that runners' cartilage health has been significantly improved, indicating that running is good for joint health. A 21 year follow-up study at the Stanford University also showed that runners and non runners have different levels of health in their knees. But runners experienced less exercise defects, and their mortality rate decreased by 39% than non runners. As a result, whether running hurts the knee depends on whether the exercise is scientific or not, and it is not necessarily related to the running itself.

reduces damage, the most critical position of

master the scientific method, can effectively reduce the damage caused by running movement, such as acute exercise muscle strain, sprain injury, patella tendonitis, chronic strain etc.. In scientific running, we should pay attention to the following points:

first, it is the most critical to say goodbye to the wrong running posture. The incoordination or error of movement not only affects the movement efficiency, but also causes the movement damage, especially the damage of the strain. The common mispositions are as follows: 1. When the foot falls in front of the knee, it is easy to make the knee joint hyperextension, which will make the body forward most of the force through the ground feedback to the knee. When the foot falls to the ground, you should try to control the ankle below the knee or slightly behind. 2. The body is swaying around and the position of the center of gravity is constantly changing, which will increase the lateral impact of the knee. On the front of the knee, the weight bearing capacity is the strongest, so do not overtake the arm during the running, overstep forward, and try to control the stability of the body.


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