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as a classic color matching, Air Jordan 4 Linen since 2006 will finally be ushered in the first repeat this year, after many years believe that the details of the shoes will be somewhat different treatment. It is expected to be on sale in August this year, priced at $140.

Air Jordan 4 GS "Linen" continues this year's style, and the midsole uses the same design as the adult size, do you like it?

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sports field is not winning the championship, but breaking the record.
campus games are no exception. But there are always some records that can not be broken at the end of the day.

in the 12 primary and secondary schools in Hangzhou surveyed, 3 schools had 200 meters running record over 5 years, 100 meter run, 800 meter run, 1500 meter run and high jump, and 3 school records were more than 5 years.

35 years ago the headmaster run record
Why does
still can't break
record holder said: "no, it's not going to be broken, it's the less and less
who can eat bitterness."
in these record - breaking projects, several items have been kept for more than 10 years. The strongest is the Hangzhou Long March middle school men 1500 meters (4 minutes 26 seconds 3) and 3000 meters (9 points 30 seconds 4) of the record, from 1979 to the present, has been kept for 35 years!

created the record of two people called Xiang Jianhua, 54 years old this year, in Hangzhou run friends circle for 30 years, the nickname "Scud", recently, he also participated in a charity run per day, twenty or thirty year old performance way ahead, unmatched.
The old
had just received an invitation from the alma mater a few days ago to take part in the school games next Monday.

"I'm not going to break the record." He told the money newspaper reporter, "mainly want to give mentees to the point of positive energy, tell them, running is a happy thing. Moreover, in addition to focusing on culture lessons, schools have attached importance to sports in recent years. I hope our good old school friends can drive you to run and repeat the running running on campus more than 30 years ago.

in the 35 year record holder, sportsmeetings can not break the record, and students have little relationship to the overall fitness level, mainly to see if there is no good sports seedling, the seedling is not hard to afford.

old Xiang recalled: "at that time, I would focus on training physical education teachers. First, because I had good physical condition, sports talents were very important; two, I was willing to endure hardships, and middle distance running depended on perseverance."

old "Scud" is out of practice in the edge of West Lake. At that time, high school sports teacher riding on a bike every day, with an old (then small Oh) to run West Lake, not only let him run after the car, he also encouraged car chase".

just chasing you, old car ran out of N, a running record, swept the Hangzhou running community for many years.

old term says that his two records can be kept for so many years, because there are fewer and fewer students who can eat hard now. "All sports are practiced, including running." After graduation, the old term did not work in sports, but went to Guangzhou to do business.

's old son is now in high school, 1 meters 9, and a good culture class.

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