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DeJesus Customs recently learn classic colors NIKE AIR YEEZY / khaki cement color collocation, the design of a new AIR JORDAN 3 "THREEZY" customized products, this kind of shoe body with smooth leather granule Khaki Khaki leather fender collocation and cement color burst crack design, of course, is also an indispensable classic pink lining the highlights, just white midsole and outsole colors seem somewhat mediocre, if the color level of the sole or sole for crystal may be another visual impact of custom shoes.

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With the continued popularity of the national fitness, treadmill gradually into the millions of households.

with the continued popularity of the national fitness, treadmill gradually into the millions of households. However, in the rapid development of the treadmill market in recent years, the emergence of a wide range of brands and models, as consumers, how should we choose a suitable treadmill?

a good treadmill not only provides you with running tools, but also keeps you running, falling in love with running, developing good running habits and keeping you fit. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable treadmill. When choosing a treadmill, it is recommended to consider the following aspects.


price is one of the first considerations for buying a treadmill. Set a price range that you can accept, you can eliminate some inappropriate price treadmill, narrow the choice of range. General household machine: 2000-4000; high-end home treadmill 5000-8000 light commercial treadmill: 8000-15000; above commercial treadmill 2W, do not suggest that you buy a treadmill of less than 2000 yuan, and a lot of news from the exposure point of view, the quality of the treadmill.

is currently in the domestic treadmill very fire multi-function, big screen:

color multifunction

, 1 color

a lot of runners in the running will feel boring, entertainment and many businesses in order to solve the user pain point launched a large screen color, rich user when running the. Be wanted, color the things of the runner's body still has no small harm.


a. Impaired visual acuity,
Watch the video
on a treadmill, because the runner's body has been beating up and down, so continuous motion causes motion frequency of eye muscle excessive, can cause eye fatigue, causing eye soreness, so long will greatly affect the vision.

B. Strain

users easily when watching the video caused by bad posture, excessive body weight forward, lumbar, cervical vertebra will cause too much pressure, coupled with the running vibration, can easily lead to strain of lumbar and cervical vertebra, The loss outweighs the gain.

C. Easily distracted,

watches the video on the treadmill, the runner may be too focused on the contents of the screen, resulting in deviation, stepping on the motor cover and other security risks. At the same time, for runners with variable speed running plans, if the speed is not adjusted in time, it may cause falls and other hazards.

D. Easy dizzy

when running the human body in motion to see the screen easily cause blurred vision, visual dynamic vertigo, dizziness, vertigo and nausea in the worst case. the brand had a century, must have created the classic image, and the next hundred years, to do is to make the image preservation, at different times, can still captured the hearts of all beings. Founded in 1902, WHITE'S BOOTS (WHITE'S) relies on its high quality materials and ingenious craftsmanship to produce heavy, high twork boots, in the 10 year, the 1 cycle of the fashion cycle, and onto the Eleventh lap. Since it is called "work boots" brand, the history of "Wei Shui" certainly starts from the 4 characters of "industrial safety".

when the loggers and set up WHITE'S BOOTS by the workers welcome, is still the United States forest fire brigade with reason for its comfort and durability, this is probably due to the WHITE'S Arch Ease?. WHITE'S found that cross her legs ankle naturally slightly downward, believe that this is the least ankle stress state, and produce the patented Arch Ease?, with wooden soles with leather soles in boots with premium leather to create, so that each pair of boots WHITE'S looks better than the actual number of looks 1 to 2 yards, up to 4 pounds more weight per pair, to exercise the legs very strong! Smoke Jumper, said to be the classic weight WHITE'S, micro and t curve after toe Qiao exudation and classic wooden adults bursts of flavor, although t lose in weight, but in "authentic" this title is nice to win.

6" Premium Smoke for a season; Jumper, after t reinforced with hit color leather, resulting in the "popular" Dual tone and optional lace, to toe can free loading and unloading. However, want to try WHITE'S but can't beat overweight physiological barrier, a pair of 6" Premium Congar is definitely the favorite choice. Vibram foam soles to create, 3 copies of the weight of 1 after elimination, desire began unabated. When it comes to this quarter's attention, is to create a pair of Desert Sand Semi Dress, Desert Sand is a kind of texture like skin, high density and high quality leather soilproofing, because of low yield of the general brand shoes are seldom used, very precious. The above series of WHITE'S new works have landed in MiXTRA, in addition to the new series, there are other WHITE'S classics on the site, want to make a comprehensive understanding of the WHITE'S, this exhibition is not to be missed!

2012-3-6 09:05 upload and download the attachment (106 KB) Hatfield designer Tinker Air designed Jordan is regarded as the sports shoe design in the field of top level, his design has occupied the status symbol Nike shoe. And this design by Cooper Hayes Nike Air Force 1 iD new works, no doubt the inspiration is to refer to the classic Air Hatfield Jordan Tinker 3 Black Cement design elements. The choice of shoes " new series of iD; ", Swoosh with burst pattern; sign red stitching and lined with black and grey and white leather soles, pure temperament perfect fusion of Air Force 1 and Black Cement.

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