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The new Adidas Ace
black camouflage shoes come in 2016! Adidas Ace 15.1 just released soon, the next generation of Ace 16.1 spy photos have been out of the first. Speed! , the next generation of Ace16.1 designed for ultimate ball experience, is scheduled to be released in February 2016. Although there are no star players trying to wear the shoes, but this should be just a matter of time.
black camouflage let us design details of Adidas Ace shoes to further into the next generation, but we can still from the spy on vamp technology a glimpse of clues.

new Adidas Ace 2016 football shoes will introduce new shoe design for ADI's control shoes. The iconic design of the three bar will be wider, which reminds us of the Falcon Accelerator at the foot of Zidane at the 98 world cup.

's new Ace 16.1 shoe shoe covers a special structure that is clearly designed to provide an unmanned ball. It looks like Adidas will get rid of the external TPU on the Ace 2016 sneakers, and the external TPU is a major design feature of Ace 15.1, which provides better stability.
The new Adidas
Ace 2016 shoes outsole should be the same with the first generation of Ace shoes, a large number of spikes using a cylindrical ball to provide performance.

Ace15 has been released, will Ace16 be far away? We will continue to focus on the development process of the new generation of Adidas Ace sneakers.

(global shoe network Arlene editor)

China News Agency, Chongqing, December 27 (reporter Han Lu) 27, Chongqing marathon enthusiasts held a running race for 12 hours. Li Liang, 50, finally won the championship with a 118 kilometre result.

at 7 o'clock in the morning, the Chongqing weather which has entered the severe winter is not yet bright. The contestants began to run continuously around the 980 meter circle of Chongqing, the happiness square of the two rivers and the pedestrian circle. According to the organizers, the contestants need to run around the prescribed track within 12 hours and finish the race at a minimum of 88 kilometers.

no banners, no cheerleaders, contestants in the group run 20 times, gradually into the distance, fight the enemy separately ".

"running around in circles and long-term marathon is not the same, is very boring. At least 90 laps around the track in 12 hours, which is a challenge for all contestants. " The head of the competition told the News Agency reporter, because the participants were amateur marathon fans who had been exercising for a long time, so the organizers asked the racers to finish 90 rounds in 12 hours before they finished the competition. "At least 7 minutes and 30 seconds per lap as required."

, because of the long duration of the competition, the players can not leave the required track on the way. The organizers provide the participants with food, such as glucose, water, chocolate, fruits, porridge, bread, instant noodles, and so on within 12 hours. In order to save time, the participants decelerate and eat more during their running.
In the day of
, the highest daily temperature in the main city of Chongqing was only 9 degrees centigrade, with intermittent rain during the day. Although low temperature and light rain increased the difficulty of the competition, at 5 p.m. in the afternoon, the news reporters at the competition site saw that after 10 hours of competition, most of the participants remained relatively stable. In order to ease the tedious game, the contestants began to make a pair of companions.

, a 58 year old contestant, went to Hongkong for the 36 - hour cross-country run "HK168" in Hongkong this year and completed the match. "This is a bit more difficult than Hongkong today." Wang Xiaohong told reporters, although the duration of only 12 hours, but the low temperature, rain and dry laps have increased the difficulty of the game.

at 7 p. m., the whole race ended. Li Liang, a 50 year old university teacher, won the first prize with 121 laps and 118 kilometers.

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